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The Nitro LT is the best scan tool on the market for independent repair shops that service all makes/models of vehicles.

It is the perfect tool for dealerships, used car lots and collision centers as well.

Nitro is the industry’s first scan tool with a user interface designed by professional technicians for professional technicians!

It has full diagnostic bidirectional capabilities along with the ability to code modules and perform relearn procedures.

Extremely fast, stable platform with professional data output.

This is the industry’s best tool for shops that service everything!

  • Crystal Clear 8-inch Touch-Screen Display features a 1024×768 Resolution providing an easy-to-read display in any lighting conditions.
  • Quick 1.8 GHz Quad-core Processor never stutters, with 2GB RAM and 32GB hard drive
  • Rugged shock proof aluminum case is perfect for any shop environment.
  • Connect to OBDII or external Wi-Fi for flexibility in any situation.
  • Auto-focusing 8-megapixel rear camera for high quality photos and built-in flashlight.
  • 10000 mAH Battery allows for an 8-hour operation period. Fast charging through an OBDII port and included power cable gets the machine back in operation in minutes.
  • Xtool Nitro Machine is a FULL System Car Diagnostic tool based on an Android system.
  • Auto-Scan all modules to display codes on screen. Quickly Erase codes in all systems with one click.
  • Supports ALL 10 SAE J1979 OBDII modes
  • Nitro System has extensive worldwide vehicle coverage, including USA Domestic, Asian and European cars.
  • Smart Key, Proxy, and Transponder Key Programming
  • Automatic and Manual Service Light Reset functionality for over 80 different vehicles.
  • Easy shortcuts to most common service resets in 5 clicks or less.
  • Capable of Throttle Relearn, BMS Reset, EPB, TPMS, and MORE!
  • Includes FREE Updates for life!
  • Easily connect to Wi-Fi and download daily software updates for active subscriptions.
  • Subscriptions can easily be renewed each year for a low cost.
  • US-Based Tech Support! We’re here to answer any questions/concerns and providing support for the Nitro diagnostics system from within the US.
  • Screen to screen remote access for tech support and/or sharing data.
  • Facebook user groups for best practices! Nitro Scan Tool User’s Group.
  • All Xtool products have a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Manufacturer will cover parts and labor towards repair of your system. Please contact XtoolUSA with any problems.
  • Reads Live Data parameters in all modules
  • Reads and clears DTC for generic and OEM enhanced codes
  • Supports component activation testing in most major systems.
  • Generates professional PDF reports
  • Pre-Scan and Post Scan PDF reporting available
  • Featured options to capture, record, and play back sessions
  • Easily print your PDF’s by connecting to any laptop. No printer, no problem. You can easily transfer data with a USB or via e-mail.