Has your NITRO been lost or stolen? Report it today!

We are aware that NITRO theft has become a real-world problem and we are doing our best to try to accommodate customers that have reported their device stolen. NITRO warranty does not cover products that have been reported as lost or stolen; however, we can...

Cannot connect to VCI device (XT and GT only)

Ensure key is on, vehicle battery has at least 12V, the VCI unit has power to it, and Pin 16 has power on it. Make sure your VCI is in range of the scan tool. Try changing VCI to unobstructed location i.e. on the dash or on the seat.

How do I access the remote help screen?

Select the remote tab on the NITRO application home screen, it will open the TeamViewer application. Tech support will ask for your ID number displayed on the screen.